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Hello! I'm Aunna and I'm a doula certifying through Madriella Doula Network. I have four children, three of which I carried and brought earthside and one who found her way to us through adoption.

I first became interested in becoming a doula after working to process my three traumatic births. I felt like the medical establishment failed me in different ways each time, and to varying degrees. I felt like I had failed myself due to a lack of education and a strong support system.

The area I work in has a high induction and c-section rate. From what I've experienced, mothers are told how they will birth, with little room for accommodation. Knowing this sparked a fire inside me. I want to do everything I can to help women maintain autonomy and choice as they birth.

I started my training intending to focus on postpartum mothers, but found myself pulled into the birth aspect. I am fascinated by the miracle of birth and believe that it does not have to be a scary or traumatizing event.

About Aunna

I'm excited to work with expectant mothers as I continue my training as a birth and postpartum doula, and eventually a childbirth and lactation educator.

My goal is to see a shift in focus away from fear and anxiety and into freedom and power during the birth experience.

I'd love to chat with you about how I can help you achieve your ideal birth by allowing me to provide physical, emotional, and informational support through your pregnancy and birth.

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